​Makenosh Concrete & Constrution, LLC


​​​No job too big or too small!

​What You Can Expect

​​Here at Makenosh we strive to be the best at what we do, be the most fair, and continue to impress our clients by;
  • ​Starting with great work performance
  • ​Professionalism
  • ​Always providing quality work
  • Providing fair prices for above average work
  • Free estimtes
  • 5 day job warranty
  • ALWAYS try to rectify any and all complaints our clients may have
  • ALWAYS address any concerns
​​​Makenosh Concrete & Construction, LLC

Under the supervision & mentorship of my father and uncle, Lionel and Jim Randal, who co-owned Jemari Group. As a teenager I would help out by retrieving and cleaning tools, along with any other small laborer tasks. I began learning the tools of the trade and what they are used for, which sparked a more serious interest in me that led to my Bachelors in Business at Lamar University. Financial security, marriage, the birth of my sons, and a newly educated mindset is what influenced the creation of Makenosh Concrete & Construction LLC. Flyers, door to door, word of mouth, and previous clients helped me to market my brand.​​
   ​Now as a business owner with over 30 years experience, and 8 employees who work more than 100 projects a year this company has earned recognition for undertaking large complex projects while making a difference for our clients and the community. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction by meeting our clients' needs and exceeding their expectations. We're a family owned company that thrive on having a hands on approach with our clients. "No job too big or too small" is not just a motto for us, it's a way of life!